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Kenmare Select on crostini

Kenmare Select

Organic Smoked Irish Salmon

Kenmare Select fillet of salmon with seaweed on black slate

Kenmare Select

Mild Smoked Salmon

Fillet of Kenmare Select salmon on black board sprinkled with herbs

Kenmare Select

Herb Cured Smoked Salmon

Kenmare Select Sliced Salmon on slate board

Kenmare Select

Bundles / Gift Sets

White plate with salmon and capersKenmare Select Factory shot taken by a drone

The Story Behind our
Signature Taste….

In 2017 Kenmare Select joined our family business, Quinlan’s. We hold to the same trusted values and principles that Rémy Benoit founded Kenmare Select on. Now in our third generation we are just as passionate about good food as we were in 1963 when our father Michael founded the business.