The Art of Cold-Smoking

At the smokehouse, we practice an 'ultra-cold' smoke, this allows the smoke to gently permeate the fish, balancing the oak flavour with 'sashimi' freshness of the salmon. Our traditional technique takes more time, but gives the best taste. We do not hold any stock and have twice-weekly deliveries of fresh salmon.

This means that the average time between the fish alive at sea and finished product is about a week; making Kenmare Select Smoked Salmon one of the freshest on the market. The industrial factories take short-cuts to 'maximise efficiency:' salt injections (to increase the weight); freezing salmon (when they buy during a cheaper month); and no human touch.

We believe in the traditional approach. Our experienced team is involved at each stage of the process: filleting by hand; dry-salting by hand; and, for products within our Organic Range, long-slicing by hand. All these elements combine to create a truly artisanal product, favoured by connoisseurs around the world.


All Kenmare Select products are natural and free of artificial preservatives. We adhere to a strict 0% GMO policy and work closely with our suppliers to ensure the best possible quality of raw material. Traceability is central to our Quality Control System with each stage linked to a unique batch code. This allows Kenmare Select to trace every aspect of the finished product right back to the farm and harvest date. In addition, we conduct regular Taste and Quality tests to ensure the best-tasting and safest product.