Kenmare Select win Gold Medals at The Irish Food Awards is the biggest competition for quality Irish produce on the island of Ireland.

Kenmare Select’s Salmon Selection

Kenmare Select Salmon

Organic Smoked Salmon

Kenmare Select Salmon

Mild Smoked Salmon

Kenmare Select on slate board with herbs

Herb Cured Salmon

Kenmare Select Salmon sliced on black slate board

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Discover the art of
Cold Smoking…

At the smokehouse, we practice an ‘ultra-cold’ smoke, this allows the smoke to gently permeate the fish, balancing the oak flavour with ‘sashimi’ freshness of the salmon.


Favoured by Connoisseurs
Around the world…

Our traditional technique takes more time but creates the best tasting Irish Smoked Salmon. We have twice weekly deliveries of fresh salmon for smoking – to produce our award winning Kenmare Select Irish Smoked Salmon ready for shipping around the world.

4 small plates of Kenmare Select Irish Smoked Salmon available to order onlineRemy standing outside his restaurant - founder or Kenmare Select Salmon

The Story Behind our
Signature Taste….

In 2017 Kenmare Select joined our family business, Quinlan’s. We hold trust to the same values and principles that Rémy Benoit founded Kenmare Select on. Now in our third generation we are just as passionate about good food and Irish smoked salmon as we were in 1963 when our father Michael founded the business.